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RFF 15 Tilt Wing Emergency Support Aircraft

Specifically Designed for:

Fire Fighting

Emergency Medical Support

Flood Relief

Bulk Cargo Delivery

Hover Fill type

10,000 litres from Hover fill

Runway Fill type

15,000 litres from 800m Runway fill

210,000 Litres / day

See mission comparison with RJ85 & S64 below

Key Features

  • Purpose Designed Fire Attack Aircraft
  • 4 hours mission duration
  • 300 Knots Transit
  • Enhanced Crashworthiness
  • Advanced avionics and imaging systems

RFF15 Mission Capabilities

  • Designed from the ground up to be optimised for the fire fighting mission , adopting lessons from existing operations.
  • Hover fill 10,000 litres with a on board retardant tank and mixing capability
  • 15,000 litres capacity operating out of unpaved 800 m runway or skim pickup @ 30 knots
  • 5-hour mission duration
  • Adaptive drop profiles, multi salvo drops
  • Drop speed range from 20 knots to 180 knots
  • Full NVIS / Synthetic vision systems and dynamic flight profile protection for 24 / 7 availability
  • Transport and hover drop 10,000 litres of bulk fluids ( water or fuel) to support dozer operations or civil defence
  • Transport and hover drop containerised ground support tools, equipment and life support supplies
  • Transport and Hover drop Fire Protection shelters in support of ground crews

Sample Mission

For a sample mission, that involves fighting a fire in the Wabba Wilderness area Victoria Australia

One RFF15 can deliver 210,000 litres in a day

One RJ 85 can deliver 87,500 litres for same scenario

One S-64 / CH47 can deliver 130,000 litres for the same scenario